5erWest 2018 is a wrap!

Just want to say thanks to everyone that came to 5erWest 2018! It was a huge success for us and while it was a lot of work, we were excited to have over 100 cars in attendance at the show! We had an excellent drive on Sunday out to Hood River, Oregon with lunch at Double Mountain Brewery. 21 cars!

We couldn’t have done it without our excellent sponsors, Moosehead Engineering, 2M Shift Boots, Einhorn Industries, Motorsport Hardware, Turtle Wax, 425 Motorsports, Phyver Industries, Griots Garage and BMW Portland. If you were a lucky winner of a raffle item donated by one of these companies, please reach out and say thanks for their donation.

Of course, while the sponsors have been a big help, we couldn’t do this event without you – the attendees. This event certainly celebrates the 5-series cars in addition to other interesting BMWs, but more than anything, 5erWest is about the people. Some of us only get to see each other once a year and 5erWest helps make that happen. Thanks for your support year after year!

Now that the event is over for 2018, the planning will begin for 5erWest 2019 – our 10th anniversary event! Info will come to all of you as we get it, so keep an eye on this space.

If you have any photo albums from 5erWest 2018 you’d like to share or have shared on the 5erWest site, please let us know!

Thanks again,
The 5erWest Team

5erWest 2018 shirts!

Every year, people get excited to see the design for the official 5erWest shirt.  This year we are able to show it to you a little earlier than usual!  Thanks to the excellent work of Aaron Thomason, this design showcases the E34 touring as well as the Pacific Northwest.  You can add one or several shirts to your registration or buy them at the event.  Printed on a dark grey Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt, it will be a comfortable souvenir for years to come.

5erWest 2018 is a little under a month away and we are looking forward to seeing you, but please let us know you’re coming!  Pop over to the Register tab for the link to the event on MotorsportReg.com.  You can register, order shirts, etc.  

Getting ramped up for 5erWest 2018!

We’re a little over 2.5 months away from 5erWest 2018! We are very excited for this years event held July 20-22nd. We are working on a more streamlined registration system for the show and shine using MotorsportReg.com. Once that is up and running we will post a link here so you can register/subscribe, etc. Of course you can still register on site but preregistration always helps us!

We brought food within the community this year instead of an outside vendor, so we are pretty excited about that too.

As always, check www.5erWest.com for details about the event. We feel we have had a winning formula over the years, and this year should be no different. If you’re coming from out of town and need a place to stay, we have a block of rooms at the Clackamas Inn. They have always been great to us over the years and we are glad to have them on our team. PDX lodging is expensive and they give us a nice deal for great accommodations.

As always, big thanks to our sponsors, Moosehead Engineering, Einhorn Industries, 2M Shift Boots and BMW Portland

Stay tuned for future updates and sponsor highlights!!