5erDrive 2017!

Each year one of the most popular parts of 5erWest is the drive we take around Mt. Hood on Sunday. The 5erDrive is an organized group drive featuring some of the many great scenic routes in the Pacific Northwest. The 5erDrive is an open event, so you’re welcome to attend even if you could not join us for the Saturday events. Again, it is open to any flavor of BMW, not limited to just the 5 series chassis. 

  • When: Sunday July 16, 2017, 8:30AM.
  • Where: Meet at Meldrum Bar Park, 19 Meldrum Bar Park Rd, Gladstone, OR 97027. Drive around Mt. Hood. See map.
  • Who: Anyone with a car. The more the merrier. It does not have to be a 5-series. You must fill out and sign a liability waiver.

Please remember that this is a casual drive on a public road. It is not the place for displays of power and racing. 5erWest does not condone speeding or reckless driving. All local laws are expected to be followed. Please be sure your car is in reliable working order before participating in the 5erDrive.

The Route:


5erDrive 2017 Route – Click for Google Map Directions

CLICK HERE FOR Google Map directions for the route

Last year we discovered a new route with some amazing twisties (Cooper Spur Road). We’ll be following that route again this year. Czech it out:


Cooper Spur Road

The timing of the route is such that we will get to Hood River, OR around noon, just in time for lunch. Traditionally we’ve all eaten at the Full Sail Brewery. This year we may eat somewhere else, so pay attention…

After lunch we head across the the Columbia River and pull up at the Bonneville Dam. This is where Damn Fine photos like this get taken:

IMG_20160717_155502Then we generally split up and folks head off to wherever they came from.

Several people heading back to Seattle will head North from Bonneville following this route. The traffic from Portland to Seattle on Sunday evenings is so bad, we figure we’d much rather be on a fun road, moving instead of an Interstate crawling with other traffic.


Curvy Route Back to Seattle – Click for Google Maps route