5erWest 2017: July 14th-16th

5erWest 2017: July 14th-16th – Portland, OR

We’re back at Meldrum Bar Park for our Show and shine!

Registration and attendance for 5erWest is $10 – a bargain!  

Registration Is Open Now!

Northwest BMW Club invites you to attend 5erWest, the northwest’s premier showcase of the BMW 5 series.  5erWest is a celebration of the fine lineage of the BMW 5-Series.

Although 5erWest spotlights the 5 series, it is also a gathering of ALL BMW enthusiasts. We welcome other BMW makes to attend and would like to give special encouragement to owners of other vintage “roundels” to show up in force! Over the last couple of years, we had a nice showing of 3-series, 6-series, and even a few Porsches.

Click here for more event details, including the 5erWest show-in-shine and 5erDrive.