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5erWest 2014 — July 18-20 — Oregon

by wkohler » Jul 21, 2014 6:59 PM

What a great event this year. It was a long trip and it’s not over yet, but the weekend was over in a flash, it seemed. Jake, Tyler and their team did a great job this year as always and despite complications coming late in the game, they pulled it together quickly and we had a great time. The Milwaukie Elks Lodge were great hosts and we certainly enjoyed their offerings for food and drink and their indoor facilities with copious amounts of seating brought a welcome respite from the hot tarmac outside. It was also great to make use of their multiple hole restrooms with their antique Standard urinals. Quite impressive.

Every year, we drive out to Hood River and have lunch or dinner at the Full Sail Brew House and while it was the official drive the first two years, it remained a tradition for us. This year, it was back as the Sunday Drive and we got to take a different route out there which was phenomenal. Unfortunately, old Highway 30 was under much construction, so we did the return on WA-14, but it allowed us to do our usual photos with Bonneville Dam in the background.

I drove a considerable distance this years as always and it is always worth it to come. This year was different than years past for me. I was honored with the Best in Class award for E28, then the first recipient of the excellent Best in Show award created by Joel Daniels. He worked hard on it and created a piece of art using his talents. I’m very pleased and excited that the B7 Turbo received so much recognition and many compliments. So far, I’ve been really pleased with the car on the trip and I think it’s given me a bit of a chance to really connect with it. It really is a fabulous machine and was a good partner in my journey being the furthest traveled to come to the event.

I’m glad I got to spend time with people I enjoy seeing and get to know at least a couple of folks that I didn’t really know and am glad I got to take the time to do so. This event always has great cars, but the people are why I keep coming back year after year.

I want to thank Moosehead Engineering for being such a great sponsor for this event year after year and I will definitely put your rear shock mounts to use on my 528i. Fortuitous for sure.

5erDrive 2014 Gallery

“Got as many as time and circumstances permitted. The light at Bonneville was amazing! If you are interested in getting the .raw or full sized jepg of your car, just message us and we’ll make it happen.”

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2014 Roster (so far)

Here’s a quick rundown.  Lots of time to register, find a babysitter, quit your job, whatever it takes!!

E23 1984 735i euro
E24 1994 635iA
E24 1989 635csi
E28 1985 M535i
E28 1985 528i
E28 1982 528e
E28 1988 Dinan5
E28 1987 535is
E28 1983 533i
E28 1988 535i
E28 1985 M535i
e28 1987 535is
E28 1987 Dinan Turbo
E28 1988 535is
E28 1983 525i
E28 1985 M5
E28 1987 535is
e28 1985 535i Dinan turbo
e28 1985 Alpina B7 Turbo
e28 1987 528e
e28 1985 M535i
E30 1989 325iC
E30 1989 330is
e30 1989 M3
e30 1988 320i touring
e30 1987 325i
E34 1995 540i/6
E34 1989 525i
E34 1994 535iT
E34 1994 525ix Touring
E34 1990 535i
e34 1990 525i
e34 1994 525i
E34 1995 540i
E34 1994 525i Touring
E34 1991 M5
e34 1995 525i
E34 1995 525i
E34 1990 535i
E34 1993 525i Touring
E34 1995 525i Touring
E36/7 2000 Z3
E39 2003 M540i
E39 1999 528i
e39 M5
E39 2002 M5
E39 2003 M5
E39 2002 M5
E39 2001 M5
E39 M5
E39 1999 528it
E39 2001 M5 Touring
E39 2003 530i
E39 2003 530i
E60 2006 550i
E60 2006 550i
E9 1976 2002 Chumpcar
E90 2007 335i
E92 2009 335i